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For first time users, we recommend that you register.  It will make your next orders easier.  

1. Your shipping address and billing address will be automatically ready for you. No need to fill the boxes.  Thus, making check out faster.
2. If you choose "receive email," we will send you exclusive prizes and promos.
3. You could check your order/s and voucher/s anytime you want

To Register: 

1. Click “Login” in the Upper Right Corner

 2. Enter your “E-mail Address” and your “Password”

3. Fill up the form once.  Click "Register."


To Login, follow the following steps:

1. Click “Login” in the Upper Right Corner

2. Enter your “E-mail Address” and your “Password”


Placing an order is fun and easy.  Just follow these steps.

1. Find the products you want.

2. Click "Add to Cart"

3. Click "Check out"  after adding the product/s to your cart

4. Check if your address is correct. If yes, click “Next”. If not, click “Update” to edit you address.

5. Click the courier of your choice. Check box for Terms of Service. Click "Next."

6. Choose your payment option.

7. Click "I confirm my order"

8. Email will be sent for order confirmation.

Hope you enjoyed e-shopping!