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Compressport® R2

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Compressport® R2

The Compressport® R2 tubes for the calfs are some of the most widely used tubes in the world for running and triathlon made from light weight fabrics in top quality. The R2 are adapted to the size of the calfs for the best fit. They reduce muscle fatigue and recovery time and increase your performance.

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The Compressport® R2 tubes are some innovative compression tubes for the calf muscles. The compression tubes are super great for running, triathlon & cycling as they provide an optimum oxygenation to the muscles. The R2 tubes have a lot of properties and benefits:


- Increased performance


- Reduced amount of lactic acid during prolonged efforts


- Shock & vibration absorption


- Increased oxygenation to the muscles


- Reduced recovery time


- Reduced muscle soreness & fatigue


- Low weight tubes even when wet


- Super fit


The Compressport® R2 tubes consists of 60 % Polyamide, 25 % Elastane and 25 % Polyester. From a technical point the R2 has the following pressures: 16 mm Hg around the ankle and 27-28 mm Hg around the calf. The R2 comes in black & white color and are adapted to the size of the calf muscles. Sizes: T1 – Calf 30-34 cm, length 25-35 cm. T2 – Calf 34-38 cm, length 30-40 cm. T3 – Calf 38-42 cm, length 30-40 cm. T4 – Calf 42-46 cm, length 40-45 cm.